We all have our “go-to” products that we just absolutely love! We may try many different things but still find ourselves reaching for the tried and true! At Thanx, we have our favorites too and we want to share them with you!


1. Eufora AloeTherapy Moisture Mist

We can’t keep this stuff on our shelves!!! AloeTherapy Moisture Mist is a hydrating mist that can be used head to toe! It contains 85% pharmaceutical grade aloe (the same grade of aloe used on burn victims), vitamin C which is a potent anti-oxidant, and water lily which is a natural moisturizer. AloeTherapy Moisture Mist is great for itchy skin, bug bites, sun burn, rashes, skin irritation, a lightweight leave-in for the hair, after pool skin, a refreshing facial mist, skin irritation on pets, skin irritation on babies, psoriasis, eczema, and the list goes on! Store it in the fridge for an extra refreshing experience! Trust us, once you try this, you will ALWAYS have a bottle (or two) on hand!

2. Amika Bust Your Brass

If you are a victim of the dreaded brass, then you NEED the Amika Bust Your Brass line in your life! There are so many purple shampoos out there to combat brass but what makes Bust Your Brass so different is the level of hydration it gives! So many brass combating lines dry the hair out and strip it of much needed natural oils. Amika Bust Your Brass will not! It keeps blondes, greys, silvers, and whites as their brightest and sparkliest best while leaving the hair hydrated and soft. Try the ENTIRE line, you will be hooked!

3.Eufora Nourish Keratin Fortifi Leave-in Treatment

Another product that we can’t seem to keep on our shelves! What is so unique about this spray leave-in treatment is that, while it contains human hair kertain protein, it is NEVER overproteinizes the hair! Too much protein in the hair can make the hair gummy and brittle. Fortifi replaces only the missing keratin in the hair; think of it as a pothole filler for the hair. It provides intense hydration and protection, but is very lightweight! If you have colored hair, this product should definitely be in your daily routine!

4. Amika Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse

The volume and hold that this luxurious mousse gives is the stuff dreams are made of! What’s even better?….it is not sticky or crunchy in the hair at all!! Our guests rave about their love of this product and we have to say that we feel the same! Use this with Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray for the ultimate photo-worthy hair!

5. Eufora Nourish Beautifying Serum

This is Eufora’s number ONE selling product across the board, and with good reason! This is another product that can used in many different ways. Beautifying Serum is a blend of 4 completely natural oils; neem, kukui, argan, and cranberry which are rich in Omega acids, vitamins and minerals! This product gives the most superb amount of moisture, softness, and shine all while being fast absorbing and lightweight! Use it in your hair, use it directly on your skin or mix it in with your moisturizer (including your face…it won’t clog pores!!!), mix it in with your conditioner in the shower for an extra dose of hydration and shine, and so much more! It’s no wonder why it is Eufora’s number 1 selling product!