Fall is officially here!

Fall brings crisp weather, changing leaves, bonfires, hoodies, and Halloween and we are ready for it! What does this fall bring to the world of hair? Keep reading and we will share with you the hair trends for fall 2019!

90s inspiration:

No, you don’t need teasing combs, Aqua Net, crimpers, or mall bangs just yet. However, we ARE seeing inspiration from this decade in a more modern way! For example, crimping irons have evolved in to waving irons and “zulu knots” have evolved in to “space buns.” While we aren’t completely recreating “The Rachel” cut, we are seeing elements of the style resurface as an inspiration, but with a more modernized version that is a bit longer, with more texture and a less rounded shape. We are also seeing a huge comeback in hair accessories! Comb headbands were actually seen on the runway! Headbands in general are being seen everywhere as well as bright and colorful barrettes…including butterfly clips!! What 90s girl DIDN’T have a collection of these in her Caboodles? One more hair accessory we are seeing EVERYWHERE…..scrunchies!! Every style, every color, and every pattern! Everything comes back around!

Mixing Textures

We have been seeing loose, beachy waves for quite some time now, and they are still as beautiful as ever. We are now seeing these waves and curls in with straighter tendrils, tight curls along with loose curls, a smooth blowout with a few pin straight pieces, and anything of the like! Mixing hair textures is very popular right now and it is such a pretty and effortless look (but it DOES take some effort to create 🙂 )


These trends can be an inspiration for an everyday upswept look, or a beautiful bridal style! We are seeing very sleek and shiny ponytails that are being worn a bit higher on the head, though buns are full of texture and being worn very low. Deep parts and loose, ethereal tendrils are details being seen within these upstyles. While braids have been popular for a few years, they took a bit of a back seat last year, but they are making a huge comeback again this fall!


Fall is always a HUGE inspiration for haircolor. Being surrounded by so many beautiful colors is bound to create many hair color ideas! Reds, golds, brunettes, and violets are fall staples but variations of and mixing of these ever popular colors are being seen, and it is STUNNING! Some super popular ones right now are brick brown, coral copper, caramel gold, ginger blonde, amber, toffee tones, and coffee related hues!