Slow Down and Share The Love This Holiday Season

It seems like the words “mental health” are a huge catchphrase nowadays. While the issue is serious, it’s great that we’re getting more comfortable talking about mental health challenges as well as prioritizing our own mental health through self care and other avenues.

Diane’s been thinking about this topic a lot recently. As a member of a church group that supports youth and adults struggling with depression or other mental health challenges, she’s learned a lot of mental health first aid. She recently watched the inspiring documentary Suicide: The Ripple Effect, which tells the story of Kevin Hines, who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. His journey of hope, recovery, and support encourages viewers to be part of a mental health advocacy movement.

Di also recently watched her daughter Andrea star in a local production of Spring Awakening, which deals with similar themes of suicide and mental health struggles. This powerful show explores how youth can be affected by their relationship with their parents or guardians, and how what adults say and do can have a profound impact.

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

It’s hard to believe that 2023 is almost over! As we prepare for the final quarter of the year, the team at Thanx has been reflecting back on what we’ve accomplished. We’re also looking forward so we can finish 2023 strong and propel ourselves into an even better 2024, both personally and professionally.

Where have we been?

It’s easy to get caught up in monetary goals. While that scorecard is important, it doesn’t tell the story of how we got there. The tasks we did or didn’t do to get us to our goals – or not. The journey we’ve taken to grow and learn together, opening up and trusting each other.

Sometimes it feels like we’re just waiting for a breakthrough. But when we look back with gratitude, it turns out there’s always a lot to be thankful for.

New Faces

This summer we had several outstanding students temporarily join our team.

Grow Your Stylist Career at Thanx Hair Artistry

Thanx is growing, and we’re looking for two additional stylists to join our team. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or right out of beauty school, you might be the right fit if you’re hungry to grow your career in a welcoming, intimate salon where you’ll receive personalized attention and frequent training opportunities.

Our Core Values

Every January our team gets together to set our core values. We’re looking for stylists who are ready to embrace our 2023 values and contribute to 2024’s conversation. This year our focus is to STRETCH ourselves.

S – Shine a Light on Our Wins Daily
T – Think Big
R – Recharge and Reset Regularly
E – Embrace the Suck the No and the Effort (Bad things happen – you gotta move on!)
T – Team Leadership Starts With Me
C – Challenge the Old Way of Doing and Thinking
H – Hope Aside (Don’t just hope for something – proactively make it happen)

The Power of Touch

This month we’re getting a little personal, as Di shares what being a hairdresser means to her.

Sometimes being a hairdresser is like living out the Kenny Rogers song Through the Years. One day a client brings baby Sally for her very first hair cut. Before I know it, I go from cutting Sally’s wispy baby bangs out of her eyes to trimming her shoulder length hair for preschool, and then giving her her first cute bob for her class portrait. Before I know it, I’m doing her hair for her very first school dance, then her first homecoming. Junior prom. Senior prom. High School graduation. When Sally comes home from college she’s ready for a new style – and maybe a new color too. I cut her hair before her first big date. Then one day I’m pulling it back in an elegant twist for her wedding. And the cycle continues, as one day Sally brings her own little baby to Thanx.

New Partnership Helps Thanx Spread the Word About our Wig Boutique

You may have seen on our socials or in the 422 Business Advisor that Thanx Hair Artistry has sponsored the Reading Rebels Cheer Team. We are thrilled about this new venture and wanted to share what this partnership means to us. (Read our article on page 11 of the March 2023 issue)

Who are the Reading Rebels, you may ask? The Rebels are a professional minor league basketball team that came to Reading in 2022. They’re basically the basketball equivalent of the Reading Royals. The team aims to promote leadership and integrity amongst its athletes and empower youth to create positive change in their community and beyond.

Thanx Winter Roundup

Happy New Hair, friends! We hope you all found some time for self care during the holiday season! As we start 2023, the team at Thanx Hair Artistry has a few helpful tips to get you through the winter.

Love Your Hair With Some Winter Repair

Did you make a resolution this year? It’s not too late to decide to do something to take care of yourself in 2023. If you need ideas, why not resolve to give your hair a little TLC?

Thanx can help with that with our new 3 Step Botanical Repair Treatment from Aveda.

This in-salon treatment leaves your hair smoother, stronger, and shinier. It revitalizes all hair types and textures, and can be used on color treated or untreated hair.

Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care at Thanx This Holiday Season

Christmas can be a magical time of year – but there’s often a lot of stress bundled up with all that merriment! As you pack your schedule with holiday parties and cherished traditions, don’t forget to take a little time for yourself to relax and recharge. A trip to Thanx Hair Artistry is a perfect way to treat yourself to the gift of self care this holiday season.

Relaxation is Part of Every Shampoo

Whether you’re coming for your regular trim or a special blowout before your office Christmas party, every hair appointment includes a therapeutic shampoo and scalp massage for maximum relaxation. Your scalp massage is followed by a deep condition. We wrap your head up in a warm towel for a “hair facial” to help the conditioning treatment get a little deeper into the hair shaft for a healthier, shinier finish–and to keep you nice and cozy!

“In the Chair” with Thanx Hair Artistry

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of the Thanx blog! We’re calling it “In the Chair” because each post could be a conversation you have during a visit to Thanx. We’ll use this space to share who we are and what we do – everything from homecare tips to upcoming events to personal stories – all meant to inform or inspire, or a little of both. Today we’ll introduce ourselves and answer a few questions. We hope you’ll come back month after month to get to know us better.

The Thanx Basics

Thanx Hair Artistry is a full service salon located in Exeter, Pennsylvania offering haircuts, hair coloring, highlights, manicures, pedicures, and makeup services. Owner Diane Keck and her vibe tribe of amazing stylists take pride not just in the work they do, but also the positive, relaxing atmosphere they cultivate in their studio. They’re even prouder of the way they serve their community with their Wig Boutique, offering free wigs and personalized, private fittings for those going through cancer treatment.